NOTSmrt – Puzzle


[Verse 1
All I know
Is that I come off as corny to you [you
I feel my life is like a puzzle and I’m missing quite of a few of the pieces
I don’t see the whole picture yet
I looked at the box to get a idea of it
Not a clue
I fucking lost the box months ago

I don’t know why
I-I [Fuck]

[Verse 2
Tell me that I need to be someone when I don’t know the whole fucking picture yet
I… I…
I need to know
What life has in-store for me
I don’t even know the path I’m just fucking going through it
At the samе time
I’m not really living my life anymorе am I?
All I do is follow everyone instructions
Instead of my own
My life is something that I piss away [No
It never fucking goes away [go away
Trying to find the pieces
I’ll never find them
Never find pieces of the puzzle
I’m missing from

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