Genre Rock



[Verse 1] : NOTSmrt
Feeling like I’m stuck again
I don’t know where I should begin
All my feeling are the same
I don’t know if I play pretend
Can’t do this shit again I can’t lie
I can’t leave myself in the background like I used to
I need to do something different
What I need to do…
I’m so fucking tired of doing this shit again
I don’t know if I am okay
I can’t pretend
Feel like my life is a big fucking mistake
Leave alone as I cope

[Bridge] : NOTSmrt
I don’t know If I’ll be here
If I’ll be the one
A fight for my life
I wasn’t going to make it
Never going to fucking makе it

[Verse 2:] : NOTSmrt
Sitting herе wasting time
Waiting to be more content
These words aren’t heard
Killing myself to reset
[Outro] : NOTSmrt
A million…
I just can’t do this anymore…
Need to move on…

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