Nothing Left to Fear – Plain Ride
Genre Rock

Nothing Left to Fear

We're left here crying with our dreams fulfilled
We're left here crying for an open end
Smoking and sitting on the empty crates
Cursing ourselves we could have asked for more
Now it's crystal clear
Nothing left to fear

You looked so clumsy and you looked so sweet
And yet unreachable and secretive
With all your treasures in a paper bag

A silent feeling gets me inside
I want but have no placе to hide
The anger I know is far too much
For I know in timе in such

To get to know is to get to tell
Everything I know I will
Among them all, I feel along
More than what I do at home
I'm lost I'm alone
And I've nothing left to fear

If anyone tried to tell me
What I was missing
Nothing more than I really should
Nothing more I want I would
In the silent time I am answered
By nothing more than my thoughts
My dreams are twisted into pleasure
In a broken home to free

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