Norvhar – Of Stone, Gold and Blood

Of Stone, Gold and Blood

From the roots of an old and peaceful pine
To the highest of the white clouds above
If you listen to this melody, you'll be
Able to hear the sounds of the Earth

This is the Mighty Pick
Mining gold and precious stones
Made of the strongest iron
The cherished Tool of the Dwarves

From centuries they dig deeper and deeper
Trying to reach the purest diamonds
From one generation to the next
They dig and dig again, trying to find
The Arkеnstone

A mystical gem praised by thе Old Ones
Whose powers and beauty could drive the bravest mad

The Almighty Kings of the Dwarves wish to use it as a crown
The sorcerers wish to use it as a catalyser
The priests wish to hide it forever
And the warriors, oh the warriors, would die for it!

One day will come, maybe tomorrow
Maybe in two decades or in centuries
One dwarf among his brothers will find the precious one
He'll be treated as a hero by his people
But as far as Mother Earth can remember
Gold or gems never made peace nor fraternity

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