Norvhar – Fields of Fate

Fields of Fate

Snow is falling on the winter ground
I can ear crows shrieking far away
They remind me of a deadly warning
Told by the clan's Elders:
"to battle you go, to battle you die"
Is it time for me, to face my destiny?
My body is cold, but my soul doesn't feel
Even the smallest fear

Here comes the moment
Our king tells us the last words of power and faith
Then begins the ride, a strong rush for glory and fame

The thunder of a thousand horses
Tears the valleys around
And the scream of men rises in the sky
Asking for the Elder's blessing

Blades meet the flesh, axes crush the bones
Swords cut the heads and arrows darken the sky
Spears are piercing the chests
Shields are covered in blood
We surrounded them, only cowards are running away for their life

As the battle rages on, the victory is at hand
Our forces are destroying the enemies
Suddenly a grim and powerful wail
Drowns out the sounds of the fight
Goblins' reinforcements are swarming down on us
"Hide men, hide! Save yourself! Our doom is near!"
Suddenly, the horn of Tar-Meneldur wails across the Fields
To battle I go, to battle I die

Our army is soon to be destroyed by the goblins' forces
I feel something hit my helmet and throw me on the ground
All I can see is mud and snow
All I can feel is pain and fear

As I walk among the bodies of my people
I can't stop the life sipping out of me
Yelling at the man next to me, I can only asses that he's dead

I've walked miles and ran for days
Telling myself I should have died
But I must stay alive and hide in those deep woods
I must keep this bloody battle in my mind to tell this story
For the glory and the memory of the Mystic Forest

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