Nomans Land – Dragons
Genre Rock


My dragons appear from morning mist
As shadows the warriors glide up the walls
Forbidding fortress in a quiet dream
Meet this unlucky surprise

My will has already won
Thirty of us stronger than hundred of them
Rocks more dangerous in my land
Children more skillful than guards here

If you still don't believe the way
Try my magic mushrooms
This will clear your mind of doubt
Show you all from another world

If you think you know all around
Try my magic mushrooms
It will change the meanings of things
It will change your mind soon

Sudden blow as the iron fist
We realize the will of gods
No one can have rights to rule
Everyone can fight for his truth

Never be sorry for those who failed
Their truth is weak and they are prey
No one can have right to lead
But other may follow the sage
Asgard see my, I am on the way
Valhalla is here right where you stay

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