NøBlunt$ – Løve?  (the remedy for a broken heart)
Genre Rap

Løve? (the remedy for a broken heart)

Why would you leave when we low
Baby im sorry you know that im slow
You wasted my time guess thats jus how it go
Feel like its below zero my bloods running cold
I gave you my mind and I want you to know

You shot through my heart but I guess I should’ve seen it
We’ve been here before, but I know you didn't mean it
You let me destroy you just sit back and eat it
We was bad on the low, but we still couldn't see it
Guess thats how love is cause we know but dont believe it
Now im finding other niggas but they ont make me feel the same, when we was down you picked us up
I can't appreciate you the same
Dont know if you hate, but you can hate me
Cus I ont look at me the same
An I know im being selfish but I want him to have your name
You can leave an I know you can't look at me the same
I had red flags, not a few maybe you loved me how I loved you
An I can't change but I hope you do, cus

? ?? ? ?? ??????? ??? ??? ??????? ??? ???

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