JOE BIDEN lyrics



JOE BIDEN lyrics

Intro: Jocko Slim
Jocko Slim No PITty Slim PITty back at it
I'm just finna get into it

Verse 1: Jocko Slim
Uh Yeah
I’m staying to myself
I know niggas so phony
You not my big bro
And I'm not yo lil homie
I'm riding ’round town solo dolo making moves
If I ain't at my job then I'm probably at the stu
I'm talkin' AP's Richard Millie's trust me bruh I'm tryna ball
Bust-down’s plain janes everything I want it all
I don’t like you homie nigga you better not get involved
If you got a problem it can get resolved
I got some people that don't really want me riding
So if I make that call then you know they probably sliding
Bullet holes in your wall you was probably somewhere hiding
You ain’t built for your position I ain't talking Joe Biden
You niggas talking ski mask opp packs jail time
But never did it
Asking if the Glock got a safety
Y'ain't really wit it
Crimes like fat people in the gym
’Cause you ain't committed
She say that my ego way too big
But I know she miss it

Verse 2: No PITty
Bro predicted this lil drought
Like cotton mouth we swab it out
The offer's down round the amount
Check to the ounce and then we bounce
Talk out his mouth but he a clown
That mirror show what he about
No opting out they talking loud
Then chalk 'em out no time for doubt
Sauce it down
All up outta options now
We the ones who on the east and west of VA clocking out
The job is now it's proper loud
Call brudda and cop a pound
See the heroes in the city turn to villains Gotham now
We popping out and Imma
Run down in my hometown
And Imma
Buss it down for hometown
And Imma
Crush it down for my hometown
Yeah Imma
Rush around for my hometown
Yeah Imma
Go and check the facts and get back with you
'Cause I bet you lackin'
Your shit an act of compassion
When actually it's backwards
The games Backwoods soulless bastards grow old after
The cold actions of those active get sold faster
You get crossed out and about
Like it's tic tac toe back up
Ain't no more savages blasting
We shooting hoes after
Your aim ain't shit below average
You need a scope captain
Get double tapped and whited out
Just like a phone capture
Double cup a hunnid drum a couple guns
And I ain't even really set
I heard that someone coming in and causing trouble
We can rumble nigga that's a bet
I heard his shawty mumble that she wanna cuddle
'Cause a nigga flyer than a jet
Down in the dirt he'd tumble 'cause we'd put him under
For a piece of paper that's a check

No PITty, Jocko Slim – JOE BIDEN

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