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September 18, 2023

I love to take lyrics

It's hard to swim on top of these lost souls
Dance songs won't make find your lost cause
A lot of days, a lot I gave, like your mother
Always ready to give more


We may share the same zip-code
But in my mind it's a different time zone
I want my flowers in envelopes (wallah)
I set the fee, they fell back like dominoes
I had to cut them off

All my team suffer from cramps in their hands
Raising toasts after every win
Nothing by chance
And that's a part of the plan

(i love to take)

Wrong time, wrong placе
To know what's mine, I leaned to takе
The ones who own don't make
The ones who pray don't have faith

Knew the end since I came
Hard to believe but, it feels like it by look in their faces
I don't eat, shit, sleep then call it a day
I don't feel weak when they act like they're not amazed

Lost sheep soon they'll know the name
Pigeons don't feel free when they're not encaged

I love to take

Nizar13 – I love to take

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