Nikolai Alberdi – River Man
Genre R&B

River Man

Feat. Angel Alicea

The man [ay
A man has fallen into the river [woo
Lego City [Come build the rescue-copter

[Pre-Verse 1
Hey, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, unh [woo
Yeah, so sad, i'm dad

[Verse 1
A man
Has fallen
Into the river
Of lego city [no, no
Of lego city [woah-oh-oh
He's now
Drowning in his sorrow [oh woah-oh-oh-oh

[Pre-Verse 2
Oh no, he has fallen into the river [yeah
Acacacacacaac [no
Why, he's nooooo
Oh noooo
Verse 2
Help me! Help me! [uh-oh
But there was no help
Noooo [no!
He diеd [he died
He diеd [he died]

[Instrumental Break
The man has died
In the river of lego city
[weedle, weedle

[Verse 3
We've done this whole song [no!
In a british accent [L-Let me sing
Cause it's very, very,very, very, very very sad
Audio attack
It's very sad. [noooooo
A man has fallen into the river of lego city [woahhhhh
E, E

[Pre-Verse 4
Oh baby, yeah [uh
Oh yeah
He has fallen
It's so sad
Verse 4
The man [i'm dad
Lego City [dad
No [died
Has fallen [dad]

So sad
I am your dad

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