Night aka Bloodhail – Back From The Grave

Back From The Grave

I shut down
All these fuckers talkin behind ma back
Because im back from the mothafucking grave
From the tomb from the veil
Im death of the assumed
My breath is like pullin the nail
Of a beast whos so pruned

So we low, so we going low
Down to the layers of my home
Its a catacomb even tho i know
How stone cold my soul
Feels in it when i roam
I feel lone, like a wolf
Whos ready to perish yo throat

Are you feelin like a lion?
Come close to me liar
Whos gonna change my mind if wannna stay in the line
Of a cult so ima demon i give it to the lesser
I feed yo remains to the larvas
My heart forged in lava
So what? what!
Death is on my summer
So what? what!
I think death is my companion
I dont give fuck even if my enemy is motherfuckin eighty million
I can even turn into million pieces
My words are leasons for you to learn hoe

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