Nick Enaigbe – TSUNAMI
Genre Rap


Feat. Peacemaker

Verse 1

Never wanted to be a dope boy just a boy who was dope
Kicking freestyles on the corner
Marijuana we smoke
We ain’t have no change up on us
We was poverty broke
Couple niggas got they got diplomas
Other niggas got poked
In my pad I was jotting notes
Writing all of my quotes
Tryna bag me a thotty hoe
So she could lob me the throat
In the lab is where I would go
So I could hide from my folks
I ain’t have nobody to show
It was a hobby at most
Woodycrest where I grew up
Hoodie Vest and some new ups
Looking fresh with a fеw bucks
You could bet I was ruthless
Niggas flexеd with the tools tucked
They was pressed I gave two fucks
With your ex with the huge butt
She gave me head in the Uber
Let me kick you some real tea
My method is filthy
You couldn’t step to a real G
It might get you killed b
Social media real thieves
They rob & conceal these lil' teens
All this Propaganda is the real scheme
& I’m the biggest man up in the building
I don’t tear young boys down
Nigga I build Kings
I'm tryna' lead by example
I’m just giving you rambles on top of a chopped sample

Peace Maker

Just a shorty from the Bay
CD’s I’m sorting to play E-40 and Mac Dre
And I’m from the low down and gritty
Where no frown gets pity
From the committee of the town and city
I’m a product of my environment
We sold product to our environment
Now gentrified white washed entitlement
We got a homeless problem that we can’t seem to fix
But the fancy and rich
Don’t wanna put their hands in the mix
So I do it for the kids without a snack in the fridge
A shirt on their back and their ribs
It’s a gap we can bridge
We gotta stay paving our path
They threw stones in anger and wrath
We just built a safe Haven that last
I play my part in the booth
I’ll leave you bae’less if your girl see me sharp in a suit
Cuz I got the tongue of a serpent with the voice of God
And I spit holy water with these anointed bars

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