Genre Pop

To The Money

Feat. Flo Milli, 8AE

[Pre Hook]
Wakeup, get straight to the money
Straight to the money [x3]
Wake up get straight to the money
Wake up get

Fuck them cars and them Clothes
I ain’t streaming no shows
Keep your drama and your hoes
I ain’t worried bout those

I just say I’m out the do
Tryna to double the dough
To the bank here I go
Man you already know
[Wooooo woo]

[Nez ]
Call me Mr Dolla Dolla bill [shit]
When I turn up it’s a kill switch
My ex still love me I could still hit
My new girl tell me she a real bih

I been sippin on Duecé
So I don’t give a fuck what you say
Shawty was acting like groupaayyy
Hit the little bih last Tuesday

I been making love to the money
Sip a lil liqou leave the drugs to the dummies
It was down then but now it’s looking sunny
Gucci belt on butchu still lookin bummy

I ain’t really even gon hold you
Fooley back up I don’t know you
She have fun when the funds out
Make a nigga wanna pull the ones ooouuttt

[Prehook 2]
[Hook 2]

[FloMilli verse]
[Flo Milli shit!]
Wake up and Im chasing the money
I laugh to the bank yo hoe don’t think it’s funny
I can get nasty daddy
He tryna cuff he don’t know I’m sassy
Can’t let him fuck gotta keep it classy
Get to that bag like a target basket
*On my weave Fendi on my sleeve
She wonder why she can’t keep up with me

He might blow his check on me cuz I’m hot
New Versace pants on me cost a lot
I set the bar high these bitches can’t top
No these bitches can’t top

[Prehook 3]
[Hook 3]

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