Neymond – I Need You
Genre Rap

I Need You

Never have to think bout life
When you around me
I just have to find you
My darling

Money on mind
But you are in my heart
Always there for me
Even day and night

They be actin all good but i dont care
You all i need that's what care
They be saying all good bout me
All those bitches tryna screw up for money

Now i need you babygirl please baby
You are mine and im all yours
Im in your heart please find me
Soon will be there to knocking on your doors

I was talking to the walls and i cried
I just gotta scared i could be died
I wish i can be really alive
And you came around and gave me life

Your voice in my head
Your heart is in my chest
Baby i can be your rest
Let me get you a nest
I don't need no one trust me girl
You all i need and i need you girl
Rest of the bitches can get the fuck out
I just need you to be my luck

We were on the track
I found out you cheat my back
I know its hard to accept
But i dont care i just need you

I just need you back
Please come back and hold my hand
He is a fuckboi just leave him there
I will take care you like my hair

Im so sorry if i went sideways
But we were happy in the first place
You happiness all i want
But baby please just come back

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