Nexholas – NB (Freestyle)
Genre Rap

NB (Freestyle)

If you run up then I know that you gon tuck it, hit a nigga in his lip then i make him tuck it
Run up on a nigga then and i put him in a bucket, shoot him in his face left that nigga undercovers

Verse 2:
Left that nigga under covers now that nigga dead, his bitch hit me up said she wanna give some head, took that bitch now I’m finna get some top, fuck that nigga and fuck oblock

NB shit yet I whip my clip, yeah I whip my bitch, call me Ike no I ain’t no Ike sister strapped like dyke and we keep them dykes and we shoot at yo head, shoot at yo head hit you from under thе bed

Shoot yo nigga in his face, shoot yo nigga in his face, lеave yo body dead in broad day. We three niggas on a raid, we on a raid no spray. Shoot that bitch in his head, aim with the toolie, the toolie is gon aim for your medulla
My choppa is gon spread like buckshot’s, all you see is red dot. And we get that nigga out of site, he flying home to God like a kite, play with my drugs and it’s your life, play with my drugs and it’s your life[ ONG]

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