New Brand – Me vs The World
Genre Rap

Me vs The World

Fuck you I don’t need nobody else. fuck everyone I could do it myself. The world is cold as ice. There is no playing nice. Chaos and anarchy. Fueled by an evil democracy. Ignited by a prophecy. It’s dog eat dog and it’s the law. A laid out path to be a victim by design. Fed a bunch of lies. Gut telling you it’s wrong, they say it’s right. Don’t confuse this with a talk about politics. But it’s common sense. Global Pandemic, Reducing overpopulation. Lock everyone inside, kids wind up happening. Oh you want me to follow the guidelines. Let me guеss a copyright strike. Getting demonеtized. It’s cause I told the truth right. I guess I’ll lie. Guess I’ll get a tattoo under my eye. Fuck that. Illuminati and shove the pushed peeps the curb. Imma give the whole world the truth it deserves

It’s me vs the world. I’m the only human left as far as I’m concerned. So fuck your opinion. This earth is my domain. Fuck everyone else. It’s me vs the world

We got cenailty running the show. Kenan and Kel, Aw here it go. I had to put this shit out to show you my point of view. Of how I think my home is screwed. Dementia and naptimes. Street riots and war crimes. No wonder he’s ass. Democrat. But not fat like a republican. Elephant. Let me see. Politically. We are literally. Going down into a second Great Depression. Making it hard to make a fucking bag. Thanks a lot eagle charlie delta bravo for taking a the money I have. Just you can always check your watch and funerals and fly private class. To vacation in the Cayman Islands. Y’all don’t like that. If I said it about trump y’all would’ve bopped right to it. Don’t label a supporter of his cuz I’m far from it. So fuck around and find out. If you associate me with a Cheeto head big mouth. Gotta go cuz I got FBI kicking down my door. Prison sentence for using the first amendment. Fo sho

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