Nejma Nefertiti – Lunar Megabytes

Lunar Megabytes

Feat. Angela Davis

Nejma Nefertiti Verse 1

Fuck what they say I accelerate a million miles a day
Increase momentum like spacecraft at the lunar speed of light I’m bright
Never go gentle into the night cut through streams of megabytes
Vendettas price It ain’t personal I’m versatile
Your collapse is irreversible now terminal I gave up on you
Couldn’t establish anything workable
I do it purposeful not merciful
Performed with great precision my operation surgical slice you vertical
Convert you into pieces burnable make you returnable
So the earth is full of the dirt now immersed in you
My talent is universal too
I’m much more than what you first construe hurting you
Hiding razors in my cervical for merckin' you
You didn’t see it coming your kinds a dime a dozen
Now the streets buzzing bout what happen to cousin
You thought your life mattered but it really doesn’t
Disappearance was sudden stopped all the fussing
Hit ya psyche with a mean concussion thought you was tough and you wasn’t

Hook - Angela Davis speaking

[And of course you already know the outcome
The revolution didn't come]

Nejma Nefertiti Verse 2

The 9 African powers at my door both the dreamer and the characters
Multiply myself and soar
Read the sky in my waking life infinite my core
I’m the wild multiverse not contrived by an outside force
Never separate my ancient source
The nature of God on this planet we call earth
Shed my human skin it was holding me back & forth
Forget the narrative I smacked the plot off the course
It doesn’t matter now concentrate look through the crowd
Slaughter the many headed beast this is magic know how
No swords politics or vows
Our fates are connected if one falls the other does
Let go of everything that you thought it was
I’m leaving this prison camp travel for all of us
It’s a distraction the truth told in a tiny fraction
It’s sad but I really had to take some action
You never loaded that, what you think you packing?
I’m all of you anyway got too many plays
I’m the champion woke up feeling amped again
Too many secrets intimidation and tampering
Won’t hold my power back I’ll be answering
Come back and tell the story I got something for my fans again
It’s all good and well y'all be into branding men
Thinking you important telling yourself you expanding it

Hook - Angela Davis speaking

[In other words, we might be able to win some victories in the arena of Civil Rights but we will not be capable of overturning the structures of Capitalism
As a matter of fact, solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and support for the boycott divestment and sanctions movement should be on the agenda of all progressive struggles today]

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