Nejma Nefertiti – Bar Bombs
Genre Rap

Bar Bombs

Feat. Zach Lost

Zach Lost Verse 1

Nejma Nefertiti Verse 2

My bars bomb you I’m on you caught you just the like the law do
You gone boo you decided to make the wrong move
I’m strong proof and yes I meant to alarm you
I’ve torn booths set em on fire just spitting raw truth
I warned you this was a courtesy I was born to
Inform you that this is ya ending that’s how the storm blew
That your cue to call on the Lord I now escort you
Call me the angel of death as I abort you
The door to ya worse hellfire as I torch you
Reward you for what you have done I’m coming towards you
Of course you running away couldn’t ignore you
I soar through like dragons & flames my roar grew
Now ya devils & demons standing beforе you
Applause due this was some light work likе a walk through
A loss dude bet you wish you never would’ve talked rude
I’ll off you go head get ya whole crew you’re all screwed

Zach Lost Verse 3

Nejma Nefertiti Verse 4

My heart’s torn in bizarre form and I am not warm
I’m sizzling hot like fire like when stars born
A sharp thorn burning ya flesh like you some charred corn
Pop warn babies no sex yet like soft porn
Walk on you ain’t got nothing to get me off on
Strong arm baby you fronting getting ya fraud on
Gnawed on you bait now look what you done brought on
Caught on too late for stuntin the assault’s on
Battery no flattery there will be none after me
Sarcastically laughingly shoot em all with the blasphemy
Agony audacity doing what I do naturally
Half these emcees in quotations need rap academy
They factory made too many cookie cutter mentalities
A battle league all on my own a fallen galaxy

[Cuts by Verse Osmo]

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