Nejma Nefertiti – Banana Split
Genre Rap

Banana Split

Scratches by Big French - Hook

Nejma Nefertiti Verse 1

Self made woman I don’t play around I stay cooking
Got my bosses capos soldiers and associates and they pushing
La Madrina tucking my goods in suede cushions
Stephanie St. Claire on em we are not same woman
No nonsense resolve commence to pull the revolve
Griselda Blanco scarier than any man move any mob
Compassionate I didn’t decapitate em I just blast the kid
One shot in the darkness do me dirty you must be a masochist
I ain’t ask for this was born with a task manuscript
Much more than a woman scorned no blowing horns get ya banana split
Santana spliff like Hanna I ain’t talking bout Montana bitch
Call the ambulancе they gone be sayin Ayo man you slippеd
You faux philanthropists we Gods no Evangelist
If you ain’t got a stack for me I won’t be one of ya panelists
No management as far as my business goes I handle it
The candidate if Hip Hop was a person I’m it animate

Scratches by Big French - Hook

Nejma Nefertiti Verse 2

Like clockwork don’t stop work showing you just how GOD works
I plot first rock verse cats just wanna get they cock jerked
Like shop clerks with odd quirks go clean up all that slop first
This hot work you got work what I heard is really not worth
It’s a lot worse than what I thought it would be I know ya heart hurts
That hard dirt ya face gone be hitting I call it art work
That smart work better and faster something from far earth
This our work we make it look simple it’s part of the yard work
We stars first seeds that make stars burst we mark first
Now off earth another planet while y’all doing small work
I’m all for marauders taking you out like small chores
No lost work I floss work some of y’all just wanna floss first
You off course I’m all force light bouncing off the ball board
My drawn sword means you won’t make it I got the long sword
A strong cord wrapped around ya neck ya body long board
You gossip like you spending ya time behind salon doors

Scratches by Big French - Hook

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