Neji – Twister
Genre Rap


Feat. AD, KBV, ShamBandz


Let's take a trip through my mind and see what we find
Start from the beginning [Whoo
Man, you know what the fuck goin' on

Verse 1AD.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [Come on baby, y'all niggas really sleep, on God
Call me AD, hold the don dada [Whoo
I got bitches back-to-back, like I move Prada [Bitches
Niggas talk on the 'net, that be straight rubber [Yeah-ah
Pullin' up with eight G's like I'm Rick Ross [Ooh, baby
I be rockin' inside the, call me Kristoff
I make my own flow, but I switch off
Right hand, left hand, it's a cookoff
Once a nigga bust a nut, bitch, I get soft
While I'm changing the A, I'm a big dog [Uh
And I ain't never had a word, bitch, I lift off
Huncho, [Huncho] Hundo [Hundo
Baby want those
Foreign [Foreign] we glowin' [glowin'
Likе AD, [AD] we be knowin' [What?
Hundred on my wrist, hundrеd in the bag
Got a lotta chicken, got a lotta cash [Cash
I be fuckin' hoes, I don't gotta brag [I don't gotta brag, nigga
I'm at the 505 or I be in the lab [In the lab, nigga]

Verse 2KBV

Pop the seal, get some ice in a double cup [Double cup
Twist up, spark up, yeah, we getting lit as fuck [Lit as fuck
Talk turnt up, in the stu' with a bag of Runtz [Bag of Runtz
Drop another verse like I'm 'bout to go fuck it up [Fuck it up
30K on a flight, and it's first-class
All gas, straight to the face and we don't pass
Slim waist and a fat ass, she tryna get a nut [What?
I don't really care about it, I'm just tryna fuck [Tryna fuck
Hennessy come through, yeah, we gonna fuck it up
Blow a bag on a bitch then run it up [Rrraow]

Verse 3Neji & ShamBandz

Ooh, nasty [Nasty
You know these ho movin' nasty [Holla
She tryna slide on the first night [Holla
She try to fuck me the same night
Pass it to my nigga Cobra, but he don't want it
Ten degree on 'em, hold on, wait [You don't drink coffee?]

Verse 4ShamBandz

Hold on, wait
You don't drink coffee?
Double cup full, I be sippin' on Wockey
Two bitches on me, I tell 'em get off me
Blick on my waist, told her come and disarm me
Yo' blick is jamming like ah, ah, ah, ah

Verse 5Neji

That's what I punch
Yo' girlfriend, she tried to fuck with the kit, but I tell her good luck
I got the stacks
I gotta talk all that shit, get you wack
All of my niggas, you messin'—

Verse 6KBV & ShamBandz

It's a one-deuce deuce, nigga, know what you rep
No, this ain't Nike, but we still gettin' checks
Man, fuck all that flexing, you know we winning shit
And you know how we comin', gettin' lit, then we dip, ayy [Ayy
Tell 'em run it back
Gang in this bitch, tryna touch another hundred racks [On me, nah
While we gettin' all these millions, yeah, yeah, yeah

Verse 7Neji & KBV

Y'all niggas sleep, hol' up
We takin' W's, goin' through deep, uh
Getting three P's, wait
I'm goin' full charge, hol' up, wait
Niggas talkin' like they wit' it, but they shouldn't now
I don't really care about it, nigga, I got bust-downs [Brrrrr
Big whip, and it's front now
I don't really care about it, nigga, I
Bitch-ass nigga, you already know the fuckin' deal, nigga [Fuck you talkin' bout?]


Told y'all niggas quit playin' with us, bitch-ass niggas [Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha]

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