Nefew – Abraham Lincoln
Genre Rap

Abraham Lincoln

Ric & Thaddeus on the beat

I been hearing y’all fuck niggas talking crazy bout a nigga
Y’all niggas was just on my dick
Oh shawty fell off
Oh shawty woo-woo-woo-woo
Block life this block life that
Fuck y’all niggas

The police had shackled my feet
Since a young nigga I ain’t been to sleep
They trying to make BlockLife the villain
How a fuck nigga don’t feel me
Same clothes with a bankroll
Still in the trenches with my chain on
I thought it was 4L for life
I seen that love turn to hate nigga overnight
Like a centerpeide I watched him fold up
Nigga counted me out when it slowed up
Supposed to be my day 1 I was like holdup
Seen you with the opps I almost throwed up
Niggas act like they with you but really hate
All alone in this game feel like Scarface
Now I’m riding round with two Glocks
Me against the world like I’m 2Pac
Conversation behind my back
Damn nigga
I don’t want no dap
Fuck yo hand nigga
I ain’t rich yet but I’m well off
Nigga whispering bout me thought I fell off
Boy you know them niggas talking crazy bout ya
When I first heard it Im like hell naw
Seen my first hundred off of rapping
Going through it they was laughing
Fucked it up and they was happy
But damn that’s what I get fucking with these fake ass niggas
Talking crazy behind my back then smile in my face ass nigga
Undercover hating ass nigga
Man fuck these niggas
That’s just what it is
Nigga been hating for years
They telling me chill
Everybody on my dick
I don’t owe a nigga shit
Dropped my nuts on the game
They act like they don’t feel me
Pussy boy this the real me
You ain’t see what I seen
I jumped in I was 10 feet
How you broke and live rent free
Got some fame and I’m still me
How a nigga don’t feel me
Trying to pick off some shit like a motherfucking cornerback
I was out in that field deep
Put my faith in my gun I ain’t trusting no bitch nigga
You get rich she gone still cheat
Fuck the block I came up ever since I was young nigga
I ain’t got me no real sleep
Winter time it was cold
Hit the house with the stove nigga
Cause we didn’t have no real heat
If you can shit on the toilet or go take a shower without it you ain’t got no real beef
I survive out the streets bullet still in my neck nigga
Cause I came from the real slums
I was sitting on the block
Always knew I would blow nigga
Now I got me a big bomb
I got PTSD
I feel like a old nigga
Take it then the rap send sum
Yeah I sleep like a cat get two hours off sleep cause a nigga might miss sum

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