NAV – With the Money
Genre Rap

With the Money

With the Money lyrics

ChorusLil Gotit &

...I'm having sex with this money
I cannot stess with this money
Take off your head with this money

Verse 1NAV &

I'm always getting to the money [To the money
Geeked up, I'm laughing, ha, I'm funny [[?]
Bought Mama a range with the money [[?]
Used to have a little money in my pocket
Take a look at me now, you know I got it
I'm building a castle with the money
Your bitch fucking me and slatt Gotit
Bitch, I'm a boss, I mind my business
I could spend a hundred thousand in a minute [In a minute
YSL, XO, I'm commited [XO
Now we got slimes in every city
Bought ten PS5s for the clique
VVS diamonds make you sick [Bling

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