NA$TY P00P – The Biggest Lobster
Genre Rap

The Biggest Lobster

IntroGrub Fam Guy

Yo this is easily one of the biggest lobsters I have ever seen. That claw was massive! It was impossible to get it open and we tried really hard then FINALLY, got it open. And what was waiting inside was some of the best lobster meat I've ever had. I got it at some place in the Hamptons and listen. Grub fam. This is one of those things you just gotta dive into! Whew!

Verse 1Lil Geezer

Boutta hop on the track with NA$TY P00P
By the end of the song you will have it on loop
Lil Geezer debut, yeah I'm bringing that firе
Just hopped on a jet all the way to poopshirе
When I get to Poopshire I'mma hop on VC
Playing Fortnite, boutta crank some 90s
Me & Marowhacker boutta change the irony game
Making 17 and PONOB no our OC isn't lame
Matter of fact, I would that say our OC is flame
Tyrone number one, that is from where I came
Now I'm sitting in my house eating a fresh lobster
Balling so hard I feel like a fresh mobster
Shout out Yung Reshader
Shout out Shaxxor

RefrainMarowhacker & Pro Teens

There's something in the water, something you cannot ignore
There's something in the water, something you cannot ignore
Get your shit together, get your jaw up off the floor

Verse 2Marowhacker

NA$TY still the nastiest, we don't even need the clout
Fishing rod reel 'em in so I can air 'em out
Me & Lil Geezer on a track make 'em reroute
And if you ain't a P00Per, get up out the P00P house!
Hah, the grind never stops, we got some shit to do
The competition gets fried up like it's a barbecue
Steal some other rapper's shoes before we hit DA $TU
NA$TY P00P, Lil Geezer, we just dropped the heat on you
I'm done [Woo!]

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