Nathan Sanders – New Life
Genre R&B

New Life

Baby, Looking, Searching
I just, Can’t find my way
Everywhere, All uptown
I can’t find nobody
Who can do me like you can
I’m just a lonely man
Take my heart and take my life
We should get married now

I want to start my new life, My new life
With you by my side, By my side
I need you like you need me
Let’s get this party started now
Oh oh, yea yea

I can’t picture life without you
You are my shining star
You are my lucky one, Oh oh, Baby

I found my new life with you
My new life, My new life

I need you, I need you baby

Oh oh, Oh oh, Baby baby

This is our new life, this is our life
Baby this is our new life

This is our new life, This is our new life

Take what life has given
We’ll make a better way

I know I can never go
Back to the man I was before
You’ve given me so much to share
This world is ours from now on
The magic when we touch, Is an explosion
Hey Baby, Feelings Everywhere
I’ll enjoy what we share today
Forevermore, Forevermore

Baby This is our new life, This is our life

I know what we can do
Let’s show this universe how it works
Take my hand, Let’s rock it out
Let’s rock this party out called life
Let’s rock this party out, This party called life

Oooh, Oooh

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