Nate Curry – Lucky Me
Genre R&B

Lucky Me

Feat. Deiy

Lucky me, too have seen
Who is she, can it be
God daaaamn, damn yo steez
Don’t even know where to start, cause it’s everything

[It’s everything, it’s everything]x4

God daaaamn baby
Is this seat taken
Hope you don’t got plans lady
I see you later
Let a nigga know

If you a part of the plan, it’s nothin that I wouldn’t wanna do
If you are part of the plan, it’s somethin that I’m looking forward too


When I seen you I
Couldn’t believe my eyes
Oh am I dreaming like uh
Feel like I’m in junior high
Havin wet dreams at night
Never felt like this before

Walkеd you to your car that night [yeah yeah
Had to make surе you got home
Pulled you in for a hug said “text me”
Ever since then you ain’t left me

Whenever you go
I got your smile on replay
It’s a mood, It’s a vibe, It’s you, It’s me baby cause your everything to me

[Nate curry and Diey ]

[It’s everything, it’s everything]x4

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