Nam Must Stay – Troy Kingi
Genre Pop

Nam Must Stay

Civilisations disappear – war is a mandatory evil
One thing that is crystal clear – war is a mandatory evil
This dog tag ain’t a souvenir – war is a mandatory evil
One thing that is crystal clear – war is a mandatory evil

Wake up it’s your last day
We getting up out the jungle
Trip flare it’s your last play
Red bird gone keep you humble
Big Boys moving in
Gung-ho with the gun show
Rabbit in a deer skin
Trigger happy with the ammo [ammo ammo]

Nam must stay [ad lib]

I hide from Mr Charlie
His moose was on a Harley
Government tried to warn me
Snakes come in the morning

Nam must stay [ad lib]

Yes, when I get home I don’t wanna be alone
It’s been three years with the flashback tears – don’t wanna be sad, I don’t wanna be A-lone whoa child
Let me come back to ya baby, let me come back [lead guitar]

Sunset through the palm trees as we move on down the river
Pop smoke 10 kliks behind me, wet tiger suit makes me shiver
Chilly in the long grass, get silly with the green dew
No matter how far I get from this place – Nam it won’t forget you

Nam must stay [ad lib]

[rehash intro]

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