Muze Sikk – Write The World

Write The World

If you only knew beauty
Golden eyes seeing thru me
Fall in line
Lead the loony
The moment cries
“What is human”

The moment cries
“Hell is roomy”
The only lie is truth truly
The solid mind is attuning
And it would be wise to be prudent

Mountains in the backyard
Ice cream in my engine room
IVs filled with Deja Vu
Time dying dying dying dying

Better off saving face
I saw you the other day
I made it to the other side
I lost it all and what did I find?

Watching all these windows roll up
Every time I crack a joke
I end up on my own
It was all so simple
Integrity in my cup
And my blissful heart just sunk
Making diamonds out of junk
Never could
Actually look
Blame it all on blaming all
As she saw my see saw she saw me see what she saw
Seas collage into a breezy dawn
Beads of smoke collect leaves of fall
The heat was on and we beat the clock
And each piece we part was just a piece of us

Seize all venomous season
Delete false
Eradicate plead talk
Collaborate with the dream sought
Casually achieve these thoughts
Ash the trees and breathe each star Isosceles these square gods
Glossary of free flaws
What’s obsolete is not peak products

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