Muze Sikk – Total


Knock knock
Whose there?
It's a Sikk Muze
A hits still a hit with only 6 views
Time is a bitch
These are slick moves
I mean I already showed you
And I got the proof

100 proof to be exact
I’m so Lucid with the tracks
Rari or the jag
Fuck em both I wanna Z
That's a different dash
I don't know nobody else
That’s why I spit like camel
And come correct with all my raps

Totally touching the sky
So fed up with all of ya little lies
The flow better
I bet I will take flight
Don't be mad at me
You had your chance and you missed that shit
Gave it a go
But you went halfway
Wе're not involved
Nevеr been baby
I gotta go
Gotta get back to the paper chase
Eh Whoah Whoah
Whoah Whoah
Hold up
Who is really on shit here ?
That's why I'm so fly
They don't know
What they don't own
I eat fear for breakfast
Yes I am the exception

Without a hand out
I will break my band out
Couple years
Break my bands out
She's in my hands now
MooSikk stands out
Every Stan pull his crayons out
Jot every method
I plot and I bled thick

Evidently coming with the different architecture
Slacking on the grind
They get left
They get lectured
Talking to your mind
I could really grip the meta
Open up my fly
I Take a piss on your pen bruh
Take a shit on your dentures
I forgot to mention
Like I got dementia
I come with dimensions
Many never mention
You know who it is
It’s the man with the go go engine

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