Muze Sikk – The Dream

The Dream

Looking outside my window pane
I’m looker for a different place
And a different ride
Going different speeds
And a different plate
With a different steak

Give two fucks what you say
Man I’m on my way
To a brighter day

I represent the dream and my family
Bitch I’m way too off the handle
You can’t handle me

And they ain’t really got half a clue
What it do
What it take
Just it make it through
All the hatred fueled by these basic crews
Never takе two seconds just to think
Nah nah nah nah

Sticking to script like crazy glue
Back to back with it likе it’s Déjà Vu
Hit the fade on you
With the swish like oooooh
You ain’t got it like Muze

And 1
Gimme that
Double up my chips
That’s a big big stack
Drop down with it
Get crazy
I’m slim and I’m shady
I’m flip flip flip flip flipping the disk like hah

Verse 2
It’s too absurd
The truth
Gotta beat it to the push
Get the crown
Bust a tooth
MF sinking down down down down down
To the depths of the Sikkess sound sound sound sound

MF right I got the IV league
Style so insightful and slightly elite
Never gonna quit I gotta get it gotta go
Meet me on the flip
Every friend turn to foe

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