Muze Sikk – Sputnik


Lull me away
Your love is like my pillow case
You are the carnival of my summer daze

Let's break this atmosphere
High pressure
I can steer
With no hands
20000 Light years

Amazing how it goes down
Gravity won’t ever leave my atmosphere alone
Not a shed of light released
Carouse around the rings of your planetary dream

If it's a crime
To make you mine
I will reside
In the prison of your light
Your moonshine
Wish away
Your lunar tides
Pull me in
I'm drowning in your lovе again

Nocturne number 1
Your the firе in my sun
Your the glisten in my eye
Your the height of my reprise
My heart runs from your touch
And I never get enough
It drives over the limit
And sets my boat afloat

Skinny dipping in her cosmic ocean
I know my way around these galactic roads and
Ancient aliens zip by unnoticed
But they leave a trail of dust made of stars and comets
You have manned my heart
What your destination?
Anywhere you wanna baby
That’s the basis
We can hit Mars
Cop some candy bars
Or we can go to Venus
We can see the sea of mist

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