Muze Sikk – Soaps


My past times spent
My moneys on the low
My headphones cracked
My darlings hit the road

My self esteems at an all time high
Oh my my my
Everything’s alright

I wanna fuck you like some day time soaps
And I don’t wanna a peep afterwards except
“Oh my god your the best”
Yes I know
Fuck you think I’m here for

Lay it down
Put it down
Something like the newest innovation
Chasing after Lays
That’s my only motivation

Booty spinning like a globe
Here we go
Once again
Who you know that really got it like that
Got it like that
Got it like that
Got it like that
What’s a ho ?
[A freak chick
What’s a goal ?
[I reach it
What’s a toe ?
[Some feet limbs
So aerobic
But I ain’t really with the Maury Povich
Pure butter to the brim
We are not the same
That’s a bite
Imma feast
Better get your plate
Every obstacle will dissipate
Imma product of my mental state

Tenure of excellence
In ten years time
I still will provide
Open your mind like mescaline
And send me a sign when you see the light

What went wrong
Cannot be made right
And once it’s too late
I won’t sympathize

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