Muze Sikk – Redemption


Who are we to waste this moment
Slow it
Hush baby don’t make a sound

I can see your true colors
Your through loving
That’s what they all say
You need redemption like it’s Shawshank
I saw you creeping on the low
Baby slide thru you freaky and you know

It’s deep deep climax climax
Unique eyesight sleight-less
Your wing span spans timeless
You excite my life

Night after night
Flashing lights
Catch a vibe

Chicken noodle soup for the soul
I ain’t stoned but I’m on a fucking roll
Bit the blaze blah now you wanna grow
Better act like you mf know

Hip to the joint
Hop skipping every coin
It’s a new game you gotta girden up your loins
Muze To the Sikk still coming with that poisе
Loosen up a bit
You might hurdle evеry point

When you need me call me
Call me
But I can’t guarantee
But I can promise you one thing
If you want me then you got me baby

I’m on this like a case
And this is not a test
This is not a fucking race
Taking my time
Making my lines fine
Digital drive
Down through the years I always knew that I would rise

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