Muze Sikk – Reclusive


Blind to the bullshit
Yada yada ya
What you know about devotion?
Sikk is in the kitchen and he’s sipping on mimosas
He is in position to accumulate the mostest

He is not the one that you want to fuck with
In the third person permanent and perfect
Since you rob and cheat you get your bucks quick
Since I’m not what you thinking I stay untinged
Satisfy my mind with your thunk things
Double up my dumby bum effrontery
Entertainment turns into dung heap
The world is a straw and y’all are sucking

I made a
Of your
Petty ways
Won’t you slow my roll?
Try your hardest to control
Steady Slacking on the low
Bring it back
Bring it back
Bring it back
Bring it back
When you came in
I was busy
I was working

I was doing what I do
You know I’m always in the mood
You know it takes a lot of you to take a lot
Ain’t nothing new

You know you my main booboo
Don’t mind hеr
She’s my booboo too
Two booboos getting tangled
Shе like what I let dangle
You like the way I mangle
Docking yachts and zipping off
We outchea chasing angles
From this view it’s pretty obvious my ass is total off
I’m not lying so it must be work that got my glutes total gone
I abide up in the sauce: it has a special place up in my heart
I Eiffel Tower date her take her nature for the night
It’s on baby

I know you wanna touch me booboo
Touch me
Oh yeah
I see you blushing
You just wanna bag don’t ya?

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