Muze Sikk – Rain Dough

Rain Dough

The thought of losing you
Took me past The point of no return baby
The sun and moon me and you
Day and night
Deceptive is this ending

Hometown girl
So lonely in the world
When will she see that love is not enough
It’s always sunny on the other side

Don’t fall in love with man like me
I’m not what you want
I’m not your enemy
But I always fuck up
And I can’t remember when shit didn’t hit the fan

I’m Sikk and sour but sunny on the outside
If you trust in me I won’t promise a thing
I think I missed something

Muze Sikk is a mirror
He reflects objects
Imma A little obsessed
I gеt meta with my metaphors
Debit when the credit pours
This is not a test
I’m past the point of lesser essence
If you say what you say on a record in real life
Your just reciting lyrics cept you don’t got a mic
I’m Folgers to the dozers with the doulja
Do not go there
Tribe Called Quest still sounds groovy in my grown ears
But this is what I call the future sound
I gotta bring it
Positively positive I’ll profit off the heart I’m bringing
I don’t know nobody else whose outchea singing melodies like mine and rhythmically advancing and getting down
I put my thing down
She show me the muffin
Tell me to eat it now
Ok Jesus
Hold up
Put my drink down
Then it’s back to the rapping till I peace out

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