Muze Sikk – Queen


Emotion motion machine
Moving with regime

The Avenue of your heart is under construction
The attitude you assume will direct the direction

And this is not known to most
If you ain't making moves then you comatose
So many lost the flow
Putting trust in a hollow abode

And She don’t need your love
She's a walking impression of effortless vogue

Queen of my Sikk world
Never letting go
Seasons run the life
Etching love in stone
Pick apart the real
Things ain't what they seem
Every road reveals
Time will let you know

Maybе your love notes werе reminding me
I’m hiding me from you
But who am I anyway
Is it bad to suffer after what's been true
After what they did you

After brilliant madness come clarity
Imma modern exception
Y'all are parody's
I don't wish for a star I missed honey
Avid with my ammo
Charming kind of scream
Dead wrong with the amiable mass patrician show
You know you can't dismiss it tho

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