Muze Sikk – Polaroid


Polar bears
Pull the ride out
I don’t skirt I scoot
Colder than a ice cream scoop
Folgers; wake em up
Nothing new

I really wanna make this moment precious
I love it when you talk like your only guesses
I’m all ears baby
What’s your constellation?
Your imagination
By exacerbation
Ate the whole sensation

Head similar to planets
So fantastic
Air Rose
And the plant is grown

So I flex like I planned it ho
Sikk tactics
It’s attraction
Yeah in your heart of gold

Feeling like I’m glowing insane
Many miles; in a minute I might miss my plane
We get mystical
Baby shake that air
She my love ya
Shimmer like MF diamond in the rough
In the morning
When the minutes just melt into money
And the whole world cries that they “love me”
And the only way to die is to OD
And the only way to fly is the floaties
And we can’t even that ship that B.O.A.T. In

That ain’t the Dock that was part of the program
Respek my authority like Cartman
Eat the booty up just like I’m PAC man
If you ride for the team you know Im destined
We can knot this knot I don’t slip bitch
Itch for chips
I got the big gist

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