Muze Sikk – Panda Nation

Panda Nation

Going outside for a little bit of sun
I do what I must
I do what I wanna
Anytime I wanna

If you wanna be my baby doll
You best have it going on in the tr tr trunk

I’m tryna get freaky like it’s Halloween

Chest full of a heart so broken
It all fell apart so perfect
I call you my endless ocean
Let’s skip the bullshit and get surfin

Do I
Remind you
Of what your missing baby
I bet that you miss me baby

Of all the islands and the constellations
Your the space that makes my shallow light bright
You shake me right down to my hardest pain
And break me up
Break me up
Break me up
Break me up
Minding my busy mеss
How could you actually picture this
This is not what I expectеd
I already gave you my all and you left it
I never could change but you wanted me so different
I’m gone
Not coming back
Stick to the hustle
I pick up the slack
Used to go down to the spot where we met
And reminisce on how you left me for him

I am not certain that I don’t give a fuck
Heavy with sorrow
Leaving me
Leaving me stuck


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