Muze Sikk – Eye


Failure is a choice
If you give up
Your will never live that down
Mayor with the voice
Giving living to my town
Sailor with the hoist
Chase the sun as it drowns
Please be advised
This ain’t your usual vibe
Absolute prudent student
With the ludicrous pride
Principle stepping
I like each of these weapons
The air rose up from the depths to the heavens

Have you ever wondered why
We were born to die?
They say “In the end it doesn’t matter”
“If you live or waste your life”
Don’t believe that lie

Focus again on your mantra
I am no imposter
I am not a monster
Spent so much time alone that now I think straight
Water in the veins
Ya My brain is a think tank
Humans seek knowledge and understanding
Eulogy’s usually comprise of done damage
Each of these leaves on the trees may be green
But before the year is through they will change like we

Eye to eye
Catches the mind
See what you see but you leave what you find
Evidence drawn from the precipice darling
Has it ever been done like this in a moment?

Bet you wait for it
Before it slips
These are the things that won't make you rich
Enough ain’t enough and the liars get the chips
The situations dire and nobody give a shit

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