Muze Sikk – Dick Pic

Dick Pic

Dick Pic lyrics

Ya that pussy speak my language
I speak war
You can’t avoid it
Shits dangerous
Life sucks then you die
Suck a dick till it’s dry
Suckers line up just to get fucked
A whole life buying junk
Consumer from the jump
When was the last time you sold instead of buy?
Cop his product
But you hate the rich guy
I’m not pro-capitalism
But I like getting money and I never get enough
You call it a rat race
I say we’re civilized
Instead of taking lives we just bake the cake and pie
Unless we can’t bake a pie
Then we steal that MF and we rob a bitch blind
Pull the wool over your eyes
Otherwise it’s reality you find
All reason falls short of the big pic
What’s a DaVinci to a dick pic?
What’s a hickie if no one sees it?
And what’s yours if you don’t seize it?
Motherfuckers like to talk
Just enough to make a bitch pipe up
But when shit pops off
The MFs always gone
What’s a car without a key?
A simple lesson in securing your interests
Beat around the bush
Beat it clean
It’s human nature to compete

Please don’t try to find if I’d rather die then excuse my mind from this fluxed paradigm
Imma dug grave
MF gun clean
Got it out the lack of slack
There’s only one lane
And if you swerve in it
I might get murderous
Connotative murmurings
Doppelgängers learn the lip
Ball on credit
The gall of all Reddit
The comments on my garments are worth your weight in compliments
That’s nonsense but it might just earn a cent
Without controversy I concoct with urgency
Delete wit and you leave me leaned in
Are you gonna say something or just wanna say something
Imma trim it like a tree
My minds like a vine
I cut the bullshit
Turn the wave into wine
Baby back bitch
Go whine
Keep it or abort it
Either way we all die
A splash of sun on tomorrow
Hourglass got flipped
Now these bitches wanna trip
If I went all the way around the world
Came back again
I still wouldn’t have a single best friend

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