Muze Sikk – Boost


Why are we alive
Why are we born to die
Why do we create excuses to excuse us for our lives
Why is everybody’s feelings supposed to be mine
Why is everybody categorized

Zoom in to you
Whatever helps you get you through
And irony of the dire needs is a dying need to be true
Life is not a option
And perspective ain’t reflections
Karma is a code word for contempt from utter messes

I need a boost my heart is low on you
I see the course of the future frightens you
The hardest thing; your never absolute
Until you die and death becomes you

What the fuck is the point of anything
In 10000 years we won’t be anything
And the church is infants
And the sciences limited
But the bias is infinite
History was written but the ruling elite
And The internet has taught us that we don’t know a thing
But the internet has showed us what we know and we think
And the internets the closest that the people could be
What happens when conflicting values meet in the middle
What if love was an exchange and what if truth was the funnel
What if every body living wasn’t suffering different
We could share the same pain without buffering with it

I ain’t been dumb in a minute
Every dimension of my music was completely intended
Every song about nothing is a song about something
Go and open up your eyes before you deem it as rubbish

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