Muze Sikk – Blush


As I sit
I contemplate
What it takes
To take away this aim
Fuck sleep
Elevation in flux
On the up and up
Hush sheep
Find another dick to ride
I’m addicted to highs you won’t find online
MF Ozzy with the way I’m rocking
You can never stop me
Might as well drop me
If it’s props if you copy
Consider me a copy cat boss
Just watch me
I’m not only the best at the rhyming
I’m also the best with the timing
I’m also perceptive so try me
Jonathan Paulson is not one for trying
Bitch I succeed MF

And if I blush
Well That just mean I
Don’t Give a fuck
Too much to tell you how it is
Too much pain in my rear view mirrors
In love I trust
And that just mean I
Ain’t giving up
I’m More than a figment of my peers
A light shines on
And You can see it from here

The world isn’t falling apart
It’s coming together
Together we weather
More than the sum of our parts
Each one of us is a brilliant piece of forever
And this is not known to most
Every lonely child comatose
Brain dead offa holy dose
Grain bred
We seeing through the smoke

Ate your water
Hate your hand
Hocking loogies
On the man
8 fold wonder
Ancient lands
Death perception
He rules the masses will
Bleed the sun and seek the ashes
Evil doesn’t come with spares
Justice is a fucking bitch

I forgot I only submit when it’s a new track
I begot what I spoke
So much in store
Before I fade to black
I will see this world change in better ways
I will see you trust in a better day

Tear the walls down
It all falls down with time
Our sound
Is no different from mine

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