Muze Sikk – Blue Scent

Blue Scent

Out of range
Out of range
Out of December rain
Always Down for her anything
I’m free now

Mi amiga
Don’t be so touchy
Hold me for one more night
Before I get enough of you

Easy Whoah just hold a bit
Im in love with your counterfeit
Heart I need some more

Feelings plucked from the loving tree
Easy Whoah just hold a bit
Im cooling off

Filing the worry in the backsplash
Violins distinguished and for real flex
Shower in the midst of this meeting of bliss
Sheen MF
Peep the gleam Mf
Way too many Hater in the way to take it easy Peasy
You can’t tell me nothing MF
Pills and naked broads
Counting lots of knots

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