Yea, You know how we rockin, uh
I need ya to feel this with me right now, yea

Verse 1-
Wake up early in the morning cause its time to put in work
Already came from the bottom can't go back to the dirt
I can rap about my life or i can show you how it works
I always been in last place now its time to come in first

I always know I had it
I hand to go and get it
All these hating ass n****s never like to give you credit
I put my mind to the books
These N****s talking like they reddit
If they told you bet your life they you wouldn't wanna bet it

I got bigger dreams for better things
Nеw Audi, Six rings
Feel like I'm Jordan in the 4th cause I know I'm thе king
I never wear protection I'm immune to anything
I said my body built different I was built to fucking win

I gotta level up I said I gotta feed my family
I'm gotta feed my mama then I'm trynna feed my granny
Don't call me a bitch because I never had a plan B
Rapping is my plan A that's just how my plans be
Uh, I got some dreams to go chance
I rise and grind every morning you ain't keeping the pace
I got my mind on a milli not a watch but a place
And when I reach the fucking top all I'm saying is grace

Uh yea
I gotta go get what's mine
Only rise up in the morning when its time to go grind
I go right to the stu I ain't waste no time
I started rapping in the closet just to empty my mind

[Where you think I'm rapping at right now
[You gotta rise and grind right?]

Verse 2-
We gotta get it out the mud
We gotta get it how we can
I rise and grind every morning just to be a better man
This rapping shit my passion i could say YES WE CAN
I was always in the paint when I was at the YES WE CAN

Shoulda Coulda Woulda but I didn't
All ya N****s critiques
I don't fuck with bitches cause they want you for your digits
Never had a dollar in my pocket I ain't given
To a brotha trynna live I ain't the only brotha livin
I gotta rise and grind and get what's mine
You know I ain't waste no time I'm chasing mine
The only thing the heart can see the brain is blind
I'm just trynna find my way through dangerous times

Listen to the words and you can read my mind
I'm all about the pain it makes and takes to grind
All the love is fake and hate until you shine
Open up your eyes and see the world is blind

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