Musical Blades – Pirate Heaven
Genre Country

Pirate Heaven

When I die, I want to go to Pirate Heaven
When I die, all me gold and me plunder go with me
When I die don't want to be too far from the crashing of the water
When I die, I'll make history

Go ahead and place the coins upon me eyes
For I'll add it to me plunder when I die
And when I reach the river Styx and the fairy man ask me for me two bits
I'll hold me cutlass up and rob him blind

So tighten up this noose around me neck
Firе true, your canon blast across the main deck
And whеn me ship goes down in flames, Davy Jones will no me name
And I'll run the bastard through and take his place

Me mates will throw a party when I'm gone
Strong ale, a strumpet and lots and lots of rum
But when canons fire across the bow, I'll be sitting here on me cloud
And watch them each show up to meet me one by one

They put a rope around me neck, and I fell with a sickening drop
At the end of the line I heard me neck crack, but I didn't stop
The next thing I was standing on the deck, of the ghost ship Annabel Lee
And I spoke with the ancient mariner and here's what he said to me
On the other side of this ocean lies a buccaneers delight
All the wenches wanting a tumble, and the men all wanting a fight

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