Muscadine Bloodline – Evinrudin'
Genre Country


Woke up
It's about to be one helluva day
I could smell it from the kitchen, in the bed where I lay
I had a Hardee's biscuit waitin' on me, callin' my name
My daddy's daddy went and got 'em when he topped off the tank
He was sittin', dippin' on a bandit, riggin' a line
He said "go and getcha brother, meet me outback in five"

At the truck
That's pullin' that '84 hydra-sport
Wasn't much of nothin' but was somethin' to us
That boat
Was flyin' down the Alabama River was the middle finger to other fishers, messin' them up
That thing was toppin' out at twenty-five rollin' through a no wake sign
Trollin' wasn't somethin' we were doin'
It's called Evinrudin'

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