Murs, Dee-1 – Tough Questions
Genre Rap

Tough Questions


Thank you. Let me talk to you for a second, bro. Come here. David

Verse 1Murs & Dee-1

They steady talkin' about that mustard seed
I keep the faith, but I be fightin' with that lust and greed
I'ma pray for you, bruh
Yeah, I'ma need some real answers
If He really love us like you say why don't He heal cancer?
Why don't He feed the starvin'? Why don't He help the poor?
Why won't He free my homies from Compton out to the third world?
Ain't our fault, they brought us here on a boat
Enslaved us, beat us 'till our spirit was broke
Let me talk
Why He let that happen? He the of thе white man?
If He really lovеd us He would help us with our fight, man
Police out here shootin' people like me in the back
And worse than that, we got the black on black
If He really loved us then why would He let us hate ourselves?
You want us to get saved, bro, we out here tryna save ourselves
And you can't tell me that it ain't odd
Hate us and they kill us, yo, we praying to the same God
Let me talk, bruh
Dee, I hope you got time
I got all the all day
'Cause I'm about to run it down the line
The Bible been tampered with, my prayers He ain't answerin'
And I buried my baby bro, was that another plan of His? [Sorry
They say He's jealous and He's vengeful
When I feel the same way they say I'm sinful
I make good music, bro, I speak from the heart
Still, He put the crack rappers at top of the charts [Why?]

InterludeDee-1 & Murs

Word, that's how you feel, huh? [So, man, yeah.] You got a lot of real questions, bro. [Uh-huh.] I appreciate you sharin' 'em. [Okay.] Uhm, I'ma tell you how I feel, aight? Yeah, yeah, go ahead. Check this out, dawg. So at the end of the day. But I'm saying though, right? A lot of the questions you ask. Is that a fact? I'm sayin', a lot of the.. listen, bro. [Mhm.] You know what? Look, man, you ain't a paster yet, bro. Do what you do best, put it in a rhyme, go ahead. Check

Verse 2Dee-1

Man, listen to yourself, you so ungrateful
You ain't name one thing for what you even thankful
Blamin' God for crack rappers toppin' the charts
Go blame the fans who buy it, examine their hearts
This world would've been cool without you
But God loves you enough to create you
Regardless of what you amount to
You sound like a sixteen-year-old spoiled brat
Sayin', "Mom, I hate you, the Lamborghini you got me is wack" [Mm
Do you know why we were created? [Why?
To love God and spread His word to the nations [Yes
But we don't talk about that, we'd rather complain
It hurts God when we sin, but we only talk about our pain
You love your kids and you girl, for sure
But you should love your Creator more than any of His creations, yo
I know your name is Murs, I know you got fans
But at His show, buddy, you're just a hype man
So do the adlibs, but you ain't gotta sing
'Cause God is the star, Jesus is the king
I know you respect it, but I pray you accept it
The most solid foundation when life gets hectic
And when it's all over, eternity's forever
I hope to see you in Heaven so we can shine together
I'm wishin' you the best, but more than anything
I wish upon you the peace only Jesus could bring


Yeah, man. And that is just how that that go right there, man. Man, you know, you shoot from the hip with me I'ma shoot it right back from the hip with you, man. One hunnid meets one hunnid. We gon' keep it real at all times, bro. I appreciate your questions, man. And I hope that you understand my answers, bro. You hear me? We gon' keep growin', we gon' keep grindin'. You know how we do, man. God first at all times. I love you, boy. Brrat. And let's keep talking, man. You know how we do

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