Murder – TAVIA


Looking at you in your eyes
I still fool, still bright
Caught between words that aren't true
But steal the light
Just look at the love that we grew
It's still worn, still true
Is this the moment I choose
To leave you

I see the red river
Away he flows
There's blood on my fingers

Cause' I'm a murderer

Look at our castle of clay
Unbuilt, Undried
Falling apart with the wave
In you eyes
And I'm wishing the clock would break
Unmove or unwind
Cause' I'm holding your body for once
Last time

And with the red river
Away hu0435 flows
Your tears on my fingers

Cause' I'm a murdu0435rer
[Some call it freedom
Cause' I'm a murderer
[I call it bleedin']

So fly into the sun and heal the marrow in your bones
You were meant to run in places I could never go
And give my love to dearest ones
I'll never know

Some call it freedom
I call it grieving

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