Munna Mond – Some More
Genre Rap

Some More

Feat. DeloFrmDaO

Some More lyrics



Verse 1Munna Mond

Jump out, turn his ass ghost
Catch you a body, now it's time to catch mo'
We up in traffic, you know I'm with 'Lo [Know I'm with 'Lo
If we into it, just let me know [Just let me know
Call up with Mike, I know he on go
Cheno jump outs, we come from the O'
Bailin' like Zelle, you know I'ma sco'
Honk his ass down, and give him some mo'

Verse 2DeloFrmDaO & Munna Mond

Honk his ass down, and give him some mo'
Hit up some mo', then hit up some mo'
Niggas know they drop that low
All they know is shorty ghost
Run 'em down, fill 'em toast
Munna slide for Jaydo, he sco'
How you want it? We can go
Pick yo' famine I got fo'
Niggas know they don't want smoke
And it hard, they know they hoe
Puttin' on an act, then playin' 'em ropes
Ion' wanna talk, niggas know
Weak hoes, with the samе clothes
Sometimes thеy wan' change clothes
Niggas 'round, they bleedin' wrong
Can't stand on 10, you ain't a real man
When you see us, up them bands

Verse 3Munna Mond

Boo got hit, check on your mans
We love them Glocks, no matter the jam
Had 'em out bands, now we goin' for the wind
AR, Draco, FN's
If we can't catch him, we catch his kin
If he ain't check, then we spin again
Then we spin again

Verse 4DeloFrmDaO

Again, and again, and again
Bitch you know, ain't both of the twins
We ain't tryna talk we sin
Perc' and X, you know that's to blam'
Cheno Mafia, that's the clan
Run on on you, leave you layin'
And we still smoke best friends
Two for one, I'm that man [Bands, bands]

Verse 5Munna Mond

Ayy slatt, you know they can't fuck with us
Keep my pipe, boy, I ain't tryna knuckle up
Say you ridin' with mine, better buckle up
And we got that low, so its time is up
If you out in the streets, ain't no ridin' the bus
Better keep that .5, and I'm puttin' it up
Better let that bitch blow, if you see them clutch
And it's only the O', and I'm cliquin' up

Verse 6DeloFrmDaO

And I'm cliquin' up, but them glicks up
Run up on us, and your time is up
Niggas know 'Lo ain't tryna fus
Come with the throat, I ain't tryna fuck
Got hit in his shit for tryna duck
Niggas already know what's up
Word of mouth gang, I can't be tamed
Run up on you, pop your brain

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