Mudbaby Ru – 40 Sum Reasons
Genre Hip Hop, Memphis, Rap

40 Sum Reasons


Ay, 40 Sum Reason
Ay, 40 Sum Reason
Hit the block, left a fuck nigga bleedin
That what you get for doing all of that talkin'



Verse 1

Ay, I kick the door down
Run out the shop with the chop' ,fifty clip and I let off some more rounds [Grrt
You gotta know but we deep like the Zoe Pound [Ay
Young nigga slime made the big homie so proud
All on the net but in person make no sound [No
Throw back a perc' with no drank, hope it go down
Choppa push up on the block
Send a shot through his car
God I know we made the lil nigga slow down [Grrt
Jump out the gucci umbrella, bitch I'm a big stepper
You never know when it's gone pour down
I got the gang so let's have a showdown
Wiz on the bus how wе go 'round and go 'round
Big 40 Boyz ENT
Put your ass on a tee if you think about touching this bussdown
Sound like a door how I'm knocking your hoe down
Feelin like Jock on thе block, he can go down [Go down]


Ay, 40 Sum Reasons [Grrt
Hit the block, left a fuck nigga bleedin [On gang
That what you get for doing all of that talkin' [Let's go
I look at your partner, that nigga not breathin [Let's go, let's go
Run that boy down with the chop', left him screamin' [Grrt
Lil Monte on go- that's a demon [Shhh
Yo homie died and you ain't tryna slide
I caught that boy shirt, go to church like a deacon

Verse 2

Ay, niggas be bitches, niggas be gay, they hoes
Ask me how I know
Chest shot, face shot, take off your nose
His name in the paperwork, nigga he told
Come back to the block when you bold, get hit with a pole [Gang
Ball on the back of the stick and it's gold [Fhh] [Uh
Hit that boy or make him fold [Let's go
Had to get that boy gone, it's the life that he chose
Hey, streets ain't for everybody
Young as fuck when I first seen a dead body
In the white body cat with a drac' on me in the front seat bumpin that old Gotit [Let's go, let's go
YG Woo in the cut with the twelve shotty [Grrt
Zack and Cody, we turnt the hotel lobby [On gang
Wonder how we ain't kicked out that bitch?
Cause my young nigga turnt and he fucking the bell hopper [Ay]

Verse 3

Ay, we on some other shit
I ain't change with the money, it just made me confident
Police 2-1 then we got us another stick and another stick
Glock .22 with the army tint
Fifty-round drum hanging off of the blick like an ornament
Bustin the clip till it's over with [Grrt
Niggas be talking
The killers, they be on some bogus shit [Ay
Big40Boyz on some global shit [Ay, ay
Ay, niggas be pocket watching
Got the .38 special, the pocket rocket
Play with sticks in this bitch like the mariachi
Got some demons on me, Jesus get em off me
Nigga play, we gone flash like the paparazzi [Facts
Got a Glock, it's too hot, it ain't been with Scotty
I'm living life like a trampoline
What you mean? Jump stupid, I catch a body
Ay, pop out when it's necessary
Got a blick forom an oldhead, This bih' legendary
Move around if you being scary cause I'm faded like Durk and my young nigga Jason Terry [Let's go, let's go
Shoot a movie like Tyler Perry
If a nigga get jammed he gone sing like Mariah Carey
I can't really fuck with niggas, you wanna know why?
Cause trustin them get you buried
All the shit that I ever wrote, put a nigga in action and watch how a nigga choke
Hit the door, make a nigga float
Pour a dusse in this drank and body gone lose control
Money buff got a nigga swole
I was hustlin' back with that shit, left a nigga broke
Now a nigga know how to hustle
I'll never ever ever do that no more


40 Sum Reason
Hit the block, left a fuck nigga bleedin
That what you get for...
Ay, 40 Sum Reasons

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