Gangboybooma : I jumped out the porch at the age of 13 totin guns stealing cars tryna get off a z told the plug to tap in tryna get some more green kick door with the brou2019s tryna swipe that hoe clean off bean get loose an just pop his whole team bitch itu2019s killed or be killed I canu2019t let you roll me I was only 4 deep with 3 straps in the seat it was only 1 shooter that mean it was me put the pole to his head make it sweat from the heat light him up in the car put a hole in his seat told them rock a bye baby gone put them to sleep inhaling dope fumes when I piss itu2019s og scoot up on a opp put his soul in my sweet i ainu2019t sparing no nigga I ainu2019t squashing no beef if Iu2019m dead or in jail then my brother gone creep I got locked in that cell and I went straight to sleep how the fuck is it pressure but ducking the beef pistol whip me a bitch I donu2019t need me a ski beat him down with the gat make him spit out his teeth I been rolling up bodyu2019s wonu2019t fit in the gar so I bought me a leaf he can put on a show but whenever I catch him he get put on a t make him stop at the light when that bitch turning green I like choppers with titties I run with a freak I donu2019t fuck wit these niggas they cap like a knee

Friendsdie: Hop out the door and you know we gone move, no time to play Iu2019m high off a shroom remember dem days I was watching the news all of a sudden I came to the truth, brothers and sisters found out to all diss me all of them cryin but some how they miss me? I been through the struggle why wonu2019t you come with me? be in my shoes boy you standing from distance, I been set up and I mean jurisdiction runnin from problems I canu2019t seem to miss em my grannie told me better run donu2019t you listen, ever since then boy I wish she was livin she taught me so much I can never forget it a nigga diss her now boy we gotta spread it..I told you one time so I already said it, hopin and prayin I get in the free but till at some point you take somethin from me catch a burn n fade nigga 30 degree

Clos: lil nigga wanna talk down, make just bring out straps make me spazz out, yeah my burner so hot make him pass out, that lil nigga want smoke give him cancer, Hollan!! And Iu2019m just getting started, yeah I pop me 3 pills yeah you know I departed, yeah you know I departed, and I just left the party and Iu2019m going retarded, yeah Iu2019m going retarded, and Iu2019m blasting my gun I ainu2019t passing it, yeah we smashing shit, slice a nigga in half we ainu2019t having it, we ainu2019t asking shit, how we smoke on your brother in front of you? Spin one time double back let you have it too, shoot inside of the paint and I splashed me two, shouldu2019ve just stayed in school now we schooling you, all this blood on my hand now they bagging you, yeah they tagging you, 3 big holes on his face by a 40 tool, now you all on the news and they asking who, yeah they asking who

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